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Wayne Battery Backup Sump Installation In A Crawlspace

October 25, 2017

This crawlspace was under one or two feet of water on a frequent basis. Our client has a hot water tank and other water treatment units plugged into power in this area. The fear was that the existing pedestal pump can't keep up and if the power ever fails the water would rise and cause immense damage. We recommended the Wayne 12v Backup Sump System connected to a deep cycle marine battery. The primary pump was a Wayne 1/3HP cast iron sump pump installed into a liner bed and concreted into place. Running rigid PVC outside the building, we primed and welded our pipeinto place with a rubber inlet fastener for easy removal of pump for maintenance. A second visit to drop off a receipt and I noticed the crawlspace was drier than the Mojave desert. No more worried homeowners thinking about a flooded unit while on their honeymoon. Another job done. 





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